Meet the Ladycrusher

This is my very first blog post! One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 was to start a blog, and for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I have been itching for a while now for a creative outlet in my daily life. I am not particularly artistic, but I do enjoy writing, and blogging appears to be a relatively accessible medium to get my thoughts in writing. Additionally, I want to hold myself accountable towards some of my goals I have made for myself this year, as well as future years.

My name is Katy, and I live with my boyfriend and two dogs in Richmond, Virginia. By day, I work for a local government as a grant administrator. Outside of work, I enjoy spending most of my free time rock climbing, trail running, and traveling. Likewise, I expect those topics to be what the majority of what my blog is about, with the occasional sprinkling of some of my other passions, such as cute dog pictures, cooking international cuisines, and gender equality.

Me after climbing to to the summit of Seneca Rocks, WV (a popular east coast trad climbing destination)

I started rock climbing about 2.5 years ago. My boyfriend, Dustin, was a climber before he broke his shoulder in a bike accident (which occurred approximately one month after we started dating!), and wanted to get back into it after six months off. We joined our local gym in Richmond and I was instantly obsessed. I primarily top-roped and bouldered with Dustin and a couple of newfound gym buddies for the first year I climbed. I loved it, but definitely was still a hesitant climber in terms of pushing myself both physically and mentally. I was terrified of lead climbing for a long time after first learning how to do it!

Fast-forward a year, and while scrolling through Instagram, I saw a picture of an old college friend of mine, K, climbing at Safe Harbor in Pennsylvania. After a little back and forth commenting (Hey! I climb too!), we decided to plan a day of rock climbing at a spot near northern Virginia where she lived.

K, L, and myself (with my dog, Scout) on our first of many climbing days together at Elizabeth Furnace climbing area

K brought her friend L to climb with us that day. All three of us were relatively new to climbing, were super stoked, and wanted to push ourselves with the sport, especially with leading outdoors. On that day, we made a goal to make plans to climb outdoors with each other at least once a month.

Surprisingly, we ended up making it work for the most part, although much of this is due to our relatively flexible work schedules and dedication to driving ~3-4 hours once a month to go climb for only a day or two. I didn’t realize it at first, but these female-only climbing trips ended up doing wonders for my climbing confidence. We were putting ourselves in situations constantly where we were dependent on OUR own climbing abilities to put up the routes that we wanted to climb, versus deferring to a stronger (or male) climber if we did not feel 100% confident in ourselves on that day. I usually ended up coming home from my climbing trips with L and K feeling very empowered. Somewhere in the mix, we ended up calling ourselves the “the Ladycrushers”, a term of both inspiration and celebration. It ended up sticking, hence the name of this blog.

L cruising up To Defy the Laws of Tradition (5.10a) at Left Flank, Red River Gorge, KY

K taking on Miranda Rayne, a fun and pumpy 5.9 at the Shire, Red River Gorge, KY

I’ll be back later this week to discuss goals for the 2018. Happy New Year, friends!

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