New Year, New Goals

I always get excited about the anticipation of a new year. Although January is one of my least favorite months (its so cold and dreary), New Years Day might be one of my favorite days of the year. This is mainly due to my enthusiasm towards creating New Years goals for myself. I am an extremely goal-oriented person- it may even be one of my greatest strengths (.or flaws dependent on how you see it) personally- and I love finding new ways to push myself, both mentally and physically. January also brings a renewed psych for training, especially after I write down all my climbing goals for the year and realize that with hard work, I may be able to make these goals achievable come climbing season šŸ˜Š

Last year, I typed up a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in 2017 and posted it on the side of our refrigerator. Surprisingly, having my goals within eyesight nearly every day of the year kept me in touch with them, and helped me stay accountable. In terms of climbing, I ended up setting the bar a little too low for myself. Being still relatively new to climbing last year, I still didn’t know my capacity for potential within a given timeframe, and ended up easily accomplishing all of my climbing goals by October, without pushing myself too hard.

Climbing Goals for 2018:

  • Send a 5.12 indoor on lead
  • Lead five 5.11a’s outdoor
  • Document climbing/running workouts in a notebook
  • Mileage: Lead 50 5.11a’s in gym; once completed, work towards 50 5.11bs
  • Strength train at least 2x a week
  • Complete 10 deadhang pull-ups in sequence by end of year; right now I’m at about 4-5
  • Work on front-lever progression
  • First trad lead
  • Complete one full cycle of a training plan; not sure which one yet, I may create my own based on others I find. I have tried to follow the beginner training plan outlined in the Rock Climber’s Training Manual in the past, but found the structure and periodization hard to stick to for more than a month or two.

Probably due to my inability to ever be able to do one, pull-ups are now my favorite exercise to work on

Other Training-Related Goals:

  • Complete trail half-marathon in 2:30 or under; I’m signed up for a trail half in May at Grayson Highlands State Park
  • Sign up for another trail race
  • Run 1,000 miles in 2018; this is a biggie and probably the goal I feel least secure about completing
  • Complete a 20 mile hike in one day (this is a goal that I never did in 2017)

What are your climbing/training goals for 2018?

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