2020 Vision

It’s incredibly cliche but I’m still a big fan of New Years goals. In fact, January 1st might be one of my very favorite days of the year. The arbitrary midnight mark, to me, signals a fresh new start in our lives and the opportunity to focus on bettering ourselves. This past December 31st, Dustin and I did absolutely nothing. I wasn’t feeling super well, so unlike most of our peers, we went to bed at 9pm and woke up on New Years Day feeling well-rested and refreshed, ready to start the year. We actually ended up spending the day climbing 20 routes each in our gym, to “celebrate” 2020. That might of not been the smartest idea since we ended up spending something like over 4 hours in the gym on a beautiful day trying to keep up the stoke to get up yet another route (we are both stubborn and don’t easily give up on goals we set out for ourselves, even if they’re stupid). Regardless, I still enjoyed spending New Years Day climbing, even if the plastic did tear my hands up.

Anyway, I’m grateful to begin 2020 with a handful of climbing-related goals for myself that I’d like to share today. As mentioned in my last post, 2019 was a year of much growth for me, and I’d like to continue that trend into this year as well.

Send 10 5.12s

This goal feels intimidating, but I’m hoping that the stronger I get, the easier this goal will feel. Right now, 5.12 is basically my outdoor climbing limit (meaning 5.12 climbing usually feels very very hard but sometimes doable) and I’d like to make it a goal to project specific 5.12 routes most of the time when I’m climbing outside. Luckily, I have some plans for outdoor climbing trips in various different parts of the US this year, so hopefully I won’t completely get shut down at the New!

Climb 50 days outside

I’m pretty sure last year Dustin and I got out over 50 days in 2019, so this goal should *hopefully* be doable and serve as motivation to make time for driving out to the New every weekend that we can. All of our outdoor climbing mileage was probably one of the biggest reasons for improvement last year, so again, I hope to continue that progress this year as well.

Send 5.9 on gear

This one feels the most scary to me. I don’t climb on gear very often, much less 5.9s. However, in 2018, while in Moab, I fell in love with Castleton Tower and made it a goal to climb North Chimney (which is a 4-pitch 5.9 route) within the next few years. So, likewise, I’d like to take some intentional time to practice trad in 2020.

Climb a v7 in the gym

This goal probably feels the most doable for me. As I spend most of my time at the gym bouldering, I’d like to have a goal in mind to work towards. I made a lot of progress on v5s and v6s this year, so v7 feels like the likely goal to shoot for next!

1-4-6 on the campus board

This might be a shot in the dark, since I only recently was able to get 1-4 on the campus board. However, it’s good to dream big, right?

Happy New Year & Happy Climbing!

What are some of your goals for 2020?

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